Santorini Sunrise

Opa! Today I am dreaming of a ‘Santorini Sunrise’ ….

♦️30ml Ouzo
♦️15ml Campari
♦️30ml Ruby Grapefruit Juice
♦️1 teaspoon Manuka Honey
♦️Nutmeg Orange sugar Rim (+more Manuka Honey)
♦️Mint and grapefruit Garnish

I used Ouzo of Plomari in one and Jivaeri Ouzo in the other. While there was not a big difference in the two, @mr_margarita_mum preferred the first (possibly a bit stronger flavour) and I think I preferred the Jivaeri.

What’s your favourite Ouzo cocktail? .

If you would like the full recipe, please contact me!


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