My name is Rhonda and I am not your ‘stereotypical’ mixologist or bartender. I am a busy full-time working mother with 2 young daughters, a husband, and 3 step-sons. Originally hailing from Brisbane, Australia, I have since moved to Melbourne. Starting my career as a Registered Nurse, and continuing to work in the healthcare industry to this day, I never would have dreamed I’d end up pursuing my passion for Margaritas.

I started @the_margarita_mum just over 5 years ago, quite simply because I love them and wanted to share this. My personal Facebook page was overflowing with friends and family members posting Margarita recipes and memes, and I became affectionately known as ‘rhondarita’ and ‘margarhonda’. I created The Margarita Mum Facebook and Instagram to showcase my Margarita journey. It wasn’t long before I began creating my own Margarita recipes, and eventually a wide variety of cocktails and mocktails using all sorts of spirits and aperitifs. Things have evolved quickly. The Margarita Mum Instagram account has naturally grown to over 117k followers.

The journey has just been incredible so far, and I am blown away every day by the way the cocktail community has embraced ‘The Margarita Mum’. I love showcasing that cocktails are not just reserved for Speak Easy Bars.

There is currently a worldwide phenomenon of the home cocktail enthusiasts known as ‘Drinkstagrammers’. We are collectively changing the way that things are done and changing Cocktail and Alcohol Consumption Culture without working in a bar.  The Margarita Mum reaches people that might not have the time, money, or desire to go to bars. Most of my recipes are really simple to create and can easily be replicated at home.

The Margarita Mum brings me so much joy and happiness, and I believe the possibilities are endless. Things are only just beginning, but I am already inspired to take this as far as I can. What’s the saying about doing something you love and never working a day in your life? Well, this is something I want to work hard at, and I love it.

I’ll keep making them, you keep drinking them. Salud!

I welcome your stories, recipe suggestions and comments!


Intellectual Property:

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  • The Margarita mum is my little labour of love
  • Margarita Mum recipes and photography are uniquely and originally my own
  • Kindly respect my intellectual property by asking for permission before using my photographs 
  • Please do not re-post full recipes, and always link back to my site
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  • Salud!

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