My name is Rhonda & I am not your ‘stereotypical’ mixologist or bartender. And I don’t pretend to be! I am a busy full-time working mother & step mother. I have an amazing husband who supports me every step of the way.

I started @the_margarita_mum just over 5 years ago, quite simply because I love margaritas & wanted to share this. My personal Facebook page was overflowing with friends & family members posting Margarita recipes & memes.. I became affectionately known as ‘rhondarita’ & ‘margarhonda’.

So I created The Margarita Mum social media pages to showcase my Margarita journey. It wasn’t long before I began creating my own Margarita recipes & eventually a wide variety of cocktails & mocktails using all sorts of spirits and aperitifs.

The journey has just been incredible so far, & I am blown away every day by the way the community has embraced ‘The Margarita Mum’.

I love creating sips that can be easily recreated by you at home. I do like creating sips that are a little fancy too!

A few fun facts about me:

✔️ I am a Registered Nurse
✔️I am originally from Brisbane but now live in Melbourne Australia
✔️I walk everyday and listen to true crime podcasts and books
✔️I always have very bright coloured nails and I love huge earrings
✔️I don’t know what over-the-top is and the term minimalist scares me
✔️I am obsessed with vintage glassware and op (thrift) shopping
✔️I am a terrible housewife. I hate cleaning
✔️However, I am a feeder @the_margarita_mum_food

What’s the saying about doing something you love and never working a day in your life? Well, this is something I work very hard at, and I love it. I’ll keep making them, you keep drinking them. Salud! X


Intellectual Property:

Please respect my rights as the copy holder and not reproduce and distribute my protected worked without my permission.
  • The Margarita mum is my little labour of love
  • Margarita Mum recipes and photography are uniquely and originally my own
  • Kindly respect my intellectual property by asking for permission before using my photographs 
  • Please do not re-post full recipes, and always link back to my site
  • Please Mention @the_margarita_mum in your caption and tag the photo back to @the_margarita_mum
  • Salud!