Greek Violette

SUNDAY FUNDAY: Today my favourite colour is purple and it’s Tsipouro Time!

Tsipouro is a pure grape distillate, similar to Italian Grappa. While traditionally tsipouro has no additives to affect taste, certain central and northern regions of Greece are known for producing tsipouro with anise flavour. There is also a growing trend of ageing tsipouro in barrels.

What is the difference between Ouzo and Tsipouro? Ouzo is only distilled partially from grape residuals and its main flavour component is anise.

Today I have used Tsilili Tsipouro (without Anise). It is very smooth and aromatic. Please enjoy my Greek Violette 💜

▪️Blue Curaçao.
▪️Strawberry Liqueur.
▪️Lime juice.
▪️Blueberry and Rosemary Garnish

Simple! Salud


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