Australiana Finger Lime Margarita


Are you a professional bartender?

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I think you know how much I love margaritas & that I have been on my own mission to find the world’s best margarita!

@cointreau and Margaritas go hand-in-hand. Cointreau is part of the original recipe created in 1948 by Margarita Sames.

I have some exciting information for you – I am very proud to be a member of jury of the 2nd Edition of the WORLDWIDE Cointreau Margarita Challenge!

There is only one goal: to find the best Margarita recipe in the world!

Cointreau is inviting you to create a Twist on the Original Margarita with local products from your native area. The name, the recipe, the history & the quote… Reinvent it all,except the Cointreau!

All you need to do to Enter, is to head to the link in my bio!

And don’t forget to check in on National Margarita Day 22nd February 2022 to discover the 10 semi-finalists!

Now for my native creation: ‘Australiana Finger Lime Margarita’

I wanted to create something uniquely Australian & I have chosen finger lime, Australian bush herbs & native red gum smoked salt for my native twist! I used:

• 15ml @cointreau
• 15ml Ginger Liqueur
• 45ml Reposado Tequila
• ½ teaspoon Lime Caviar
• Agave syrup to taste

Muddle the lime Caviar in your cocktail shaker. Add all other ingredients with ice and shake vigorously until combined

For the rim of glass, I combined Australian bush herbs (including lemon myrtle, bush tomato, sea salt, onion, native thyme, aniseed myrtle, chives, chilli & garlic) with Native Red Gum smoked salt. Serve with a half a finger lime!

Now what are you waiting for, get creative for your chance to win a trip in France!

Good luck friends & stay tuned!!

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