Welcome to my Kraken Lair

“Welcome to my Kraken Lair’

Audrey Hepburn once said: ‘To Plant a Garden, is to believe in tomorrow’. I think this is simply perfect for the uncertain, confusing, and unsettling times that we are currently facing.

I’ve made my lair super inviting with my own garden with new plants, citrus trees, and an edible garden. It has bought me so much joy, and citrus fruits are the perfect way to lure in the Kraken!

With a slight spice from cloves and paired with dry ginger, the only thing that can make the new Kraken Black Spiced Rum & Dry more delicious is homegrown citrus, flowers, and herbs. It’s such a delicious combo, the Kraken won’t be able to resist.

Make sure you let Kraken know how you’d lure the Kraken into your lair to enter their new competition! Check out their page for more details.

Salud! Drink Responsibly and create your own Kraken Lair of Deliciousness!

Photography ©️ @the_margarita_mum

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