Olive Herb Martini

‘Olive Herb Martini’

I have been growing a very delicious herb in my garden called Olive Herb. I planted in the original planting of my covid-19 edible garden project and this has been the most amazing find! I purchased it at @bunnings and apparently they only sold it for 2 weeks. Lucky me! This herb really has a beautiful pickled olive flavour. Apparently it does flower but I haven’t seen that as yet.

Last year, I was lucky enough to visit @salmonguru in Madrid, Spain 🇪🇸 and I enjoyed one of their dirty martini’s mixed up with @gordonsginuk 

So, it got me thinking……infuse the amazingly delicious olive herb into the Gordon’s Gin. I let in infuse for a week and then mixed up a delicious dirty martini

I used:
60ml Olive Herb infused @gordonsginau
15ml @lillet
15ml Olive Brine

Shake together all ingredients in a cocktail shaker until combined

Fill your favourite martini glass (this is @waterfordcrystal ) with a clear ice cube. Double strain over the ice

Garnish is olive herb and green olive.

If you love olives, seek out this herb immediately. It’s amazing and can be used in any dishes where olives would be served

Recipe idea and photography ©️ @the_margarita_mum 

Salud! Experiment! Plant a Garden and Drink Responsibly

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