Chartreuse X PS Soda Falernum Verte

Are you good at keeping secrets?

Well I’ve been keeping one for a while and I am so excited to finally share with you the launch collaboration of Chartreuse X PS Soda Falernum Verte limited blend edition.

And what better time to share it than on #chartreuse1605 day!

There are also only two Monks in the world who can also keep a pretty good secret and they have been entrusted to protect the recipe of one of the world’s best-known liqueurs – Chartreuse.

Only they know the recipe, the ingredients, the preparation, and production of the secret green elixir. What we do know is that it includes over 130 herbs, botanicals, plants, roots, leaves, vegetation extracts and flowers steeped in alcohol in the concoction. That’s pretty impressive, makes sense why its famous vegetal elixir was originally produced for medicinal purposes

The creative team at PS40 Soda have developed a unique falernum blend to marry perfectly to Chartreuse – Traditional falernum contains flavours of ginger, lime and most often cloves or allspice. The addition of almond and walnut in this blend softens the palette while adding a touch of warmth with every sip.

This limited edition Falernum Verte Soda will be available in the coming weeks @danmurphys online, otherwise if you are a venue looking to add this to your takeaway cocktail services then head over to @chartreuse_australia for more info.

Did you know? Green Chartreuse is the only liqueur in the world with a completely natural green colour!

Salud! And Drink Responsibly!

Photography ©️ @the_margarita_mum






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