Celebrating 170 years of Cointreau

Celebrating 170 years of @cointreau

In celebration of Cointreau’s 170th Anniversary, they have released a limited edition bottle by French designer, Vincent Darré

Vincent is an outstanding French interior designer that mixes styles and eras with unique elegance; Vincent Darré epitomises French chic and creativity! What a fabulous way to pay tribute to the bold and ingenious spirit of Édouard Cointreau and celebrate the 170th anniversary of the creation of his renowned orange liqueur!

Please enjoy my smoky margarita:
30ml @cointreau
30ml Anejo @sierramilenario tequila
30ml Mezcal
25ml fresh lime juice
15ml Aquafaba .
Place all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake very vigorously and light foam is created

Rim your favourite cocktail glass with black lava salt. Double strain into your favourite cocktail glass and garnish with dehydrated limes.

Salud and Happy Birthday @cointreau .
©️ @the_margarita_mum


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