Cucumber De Carral

A little Slice of Cucumber.

I just love Cucumber in juices and cocktails. I was reading the tasting notes on Pisco De Carral Italia and it said that this Pisco is perfect shaken in a ‘Southside’ or simply served on the rocks with a slice of cucumber.

I have mixed up something with a combination of the two!

I used:

  • 30ml Pisco De Carral Italia*
  • 15ml Cointreau
  • 30ml Freshly Made Cucumber Juice**
  • 15ml Lime
  • 15ml Chilli Liqueur (optional)
  • Serve with a much cucumber as you like.

* This Pisco is a perfect example of the aromatic Italia grape. Minty and Dry with a fine, elegant structure and beautiful green flavours

** To Make the cucumber juice, I peeled and de-seeded one large Lebanese cucumber. Place the pulp in a high speed blender with around 10-15mls of water. Whiz on high speed for 1 minute. Use a fine strainer to strain the juice. Repeat as Required.



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