Coconut Blue Hawaiian 

It would not be NATIONAL TEQUILA DAY without a Blue cocktail now would it???

This is one of my favourite recipes and all you need to create this Coconut Blue Hawaiian is:

  • 50mls blanco tequila
  • 25mls Blue Curaçao (Vok)
  • 50mls Coconut Milk
  • 100 grams frozen pineapple
  • A good couple of drops of Jalapeño cocktail spice
  • Rim is Tajin

Please tag and mention me in your National Tequila Day Posts and I will endeavour to post as many of your creations in my instagram stories as possible!!!!

Photography and Recipes ©️@the_margarita_mum.

.Salud…and please do drink responsibly!


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