Black Lagoon Designs

PAYING THE LOVE FORWARD: When I started @the_margarita_mum , I went searching for the perfect logo. I paid a few graphic designers but I just could not find one that captured what I was looking for! I emailed International illustrator @angiereheillustration (clients include @jimmychoo) as I was just in awe of her drawings. I had literally no social media following or presence and I simply told her what I was about and my love for her work. Angie’s response was that she loved margaritas and she created a logo for me that I will be ever in her debt for. I was contacted recently by Danielle @danmann1979 ….she sent me an almost similar email to me asking if I would showcase her amazing hand make tiki cups. How on earth could I say no to a Brisbane gal that hand makes tiki glassses?!!!! Let’s all pay the love forward and help out our sisters and brothers and promote each other’s strengths and passions. Please check out Danielle’s creations @blacklagoondesigns , give her a follow and order up big time for Christmas!!!

Today I have filled this beauty with a coconut blue margarita:


50mls @patron blanco tequila
25mls Blue Curaçao (Vok)
50mls Coconut Milk
100 grams frozen pineapple
A good couple of drops of Jalapeño cocktail spice
Blitz all ingredients in a blender on high speed until combined


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