Pine Mint Rumba

Yo ho ho and a bottle of Rum….Today is World Rum Day so I have mixed a super refreshing low calorie, low carb cocktail delight. Please enjoy my ‘Pine Mint Rumba’

30mls @_havanaclub Anejo 3 Anos (White Rum)
50 grams Fresh pineapple
5 large mint leaves
@capisparkling mineral water to fill the pineapple

How to:
I blitzed the rum, pineapple, and mint in a high-speed blender until combined. Pour into a pineapple cup and fill with your desired amount of sparkling mineral water. Give it a good stir.

Result: This could convert me to The Rum Mum 😂
Nutritional information:
I am not a nutritionist or dietician- I have calculated these results based on research:
⏺Havana 30mls 69 calories 0 carbs.
⏺Fresh Pineapple 50 grams 25 calories & 6.5 grams carbs
⏺0 calories or Carbs in the mint and mineral water.

TOTAL: 94 Calories 6.5 grams carbohydrates

For the month of August, I am featuring some ‘healthy’ cocktail ideas. If you have any gut busting ideas to help me on this journey, I would love to hear from you. Tag me in your posts or send me a message



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