Hibiscus Kiss Margarita

The idea for this Hibiscus Kiss Kombucha Margarita was inspired by @jonathan16brown from @nova100 radio in Melbourne. You see, Browny had asked Sam Pang around for a beer. When they arrived at his house, the beer fridge was bare. Browny offered Sam a Hibiscus Kombucha 🌺 So….I have created a delicious cocktail and some styling ideas that Browny can use to impress all of his mates. Salud!


30mls @casamigos Reposado Tequila
10mls @stgermaindrinks Elderflower Liqueur
60mls @remedykombucha organic Hibiscus Kiss
30mls freshly squeezed lemon juice
@tajinoficial Glass Rim
Lemon and thyme garnish
Served on a platter of flowers and petals.

Result: Floral flavours that are sure to excite
Nutritional information:
I am not a nutritionist or dietician- I have calculated these results based on research:

⏺Tequila 30mls 64 calories 0 carbs
⏺Lemon juice 30mls 8 calories 2.6 grams carbs
⏺Remedy Hibiscus Kiss Kombucha 60mls 4 calories, 0.9 carbs
⏺Elderflower Liqueur 10mls 26 calories, 3.6 grams carbohydrates

TOTAL: 102 Calories 7.1 grams carbohydrates


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