Chilli Coconut Margarita

Some health experts say that coconut is the healthiest oil of them all……so This ‘Chilli Coconut’ cocktail must have enormous health benefits

30mls Reposado Chilli infused tequila*
30mls @sesiontequila Mocha Liqueur
60mls unsweetened @vitasoy_aus_nz coconut milk
Crispy Roasted coconut flakes Rim**
How to:
Shake tequila, liqueur and milk with ice vigorously in a cocktail shaker. Rim glass with a small amount of @bettycrocker vanilla frosting (it acts like a glue) and garnish with crispy roasted coconut flakes

Result: A coconut smash hit

* I infused 1/2 long red chilli 🌶 in 200mls of reposado tequila for 48 hours.

**I roasted moistened coconut flakes in coconut oil until browned.


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