Brockmans (very delicious) Gin & Tonic

‘Brockmans (very delicious) Gin & Tonic’.

I was very excited to find that @brockmansgin is now available in Australia through @copperpotspirits

Why was I excited? I first tried this delicious Gin in Spain last year and I just couldn’t wait to try it again.

@brockmansgin has a unique recipe of naturally grown aromatic botanicals that are steeped in pure grain spirit for many hours to release their natural oils and aromas. Everything blends perfectly and it has an intensely smooth finish like no other.

Today I have simply served this deliciousness with Tonic, freshly frozen blueberries (that give the pink hue), homemade dehydrated ruby grapefruit wedges and fresh rosemary, but also can’t wait to use it in my Negroni!

You won’t regret discovering Brockmans, I hope you love it as much as I genuinely do!


Photography © @the_margarita_mum


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