Mojito Time!

Mojito Time!

In Melbourne right now, limes are in very short supply and they are ridiculously expensive. It is making cocktail creation a bit more challenging for me.

So the team at @craftmixcocktails sent me some single-serving powdered cocktail mixers.

All you have to do is add 2 parts water and 2 parts spirit (I used Reposado Tequila) and the powder to a cocktail shaker with ice. I also added juice of half a lime.

I served with mint, @keepcalmandcocktail lime wheel and a @haystraws. Glassware is @dstill_drinkware

I must admit I was surprised by the result. It was pretty good and I think these would be great for traveling and for when you don’t have the fresh ingredients available.

It’s an interesting concept that’s for sure!


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