Father’s Day 2018

Happy Fathers Day!!

This one goes out to my @mr_margarita_mum . Also known as the silver fox.

Here is my 11 year old daughter Hope’s poem. My Dad is:

As sweet as a butterfly 🦋
As strong as a Gorilla 🦍
As busy as a Bee 🐝
As fun as a Otter
As tall as a Giraffe 🦒
As fast as a Cheetah
As loving as a puppy 🐶

He is my Dad. I love you Dad. Happy Fathers Day!

I have whipped up @mr_margarita_mum a delicious blue margarita.

30ml @patron silver tequila
15ml Blue Curaçao
15ml @cointreau
45m Lemon Juice
Garnish is fresh blackberries and mint.


Recipe and photography ©️@the_margarita_mum


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