Burnt Watercress Syrup

I found some really fresh and vibrant watercress at the markets so I was inspired to mix something up with it. Watercress is a superfood that’s a little under the radar … It has quite a potent, peppery spiciness.

Why is it burnt? Because I left it simmering for too long because I got distracted checking my @instagram page 😂

You know what though, I really loved the smokiness it created and hints of the pepper still shone through!

To create the cocktail I used:
45ml Mezcal.
15ml Ginger Liqueur
45ml Apple, Carrot, Pear & Ginger Juice.
Burnt watercress syrup to taste.
Watercress Garnish

Photography and Recipe ©️ @the_margarita_mum


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