Kombucha Time

Kombucha Time!

What is Kombucha? It is a traditional brewing method that uses real tea. It has has been around the world for thousands of years and it a deliciously refreshing drink. It has active bacteria and it is known to aid in gut well being and it can also promote a healthy balance of digestive flora.

It is delicious on it’s own but I of course just love mixing it up into cocktails too!

Please enjoy my strawberry and lime Kombucha Margarita.

I used:

  • 30ml Blanco Tequila
  • 30ml Strawberry Liqueur*
  • 60ml @thebuchashop Strawberry and Lime Kombucha
  • Lime juice to taste (I liked 15ml)

* I also tried this with Creme de Cassis as an alternative to the strawberry Liqueur and I thought it was just as delicious 🤤

Recipe and photography ©️ @the_margarita_mum



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