Israel meets Peru

Today Israel 🇮🇱 meets Peru 🇵🇪


Tubi 60 is Unique! It is difficult to explain but a great deal of fun to drink. It is an unfiltered herbal citrus liquor. It was created by 2 brothers from Haifa (the north of Israel) and they set about creating something of their own where they knew they could get the best ingredients. It is distilled from corn and blended with a maceration of whole lemons, ginger, cumin, turmeric, saffron, tree and flowers essences and a few other secret ingredients. In Israel, people usually drink Tubi as a chilled shot before they go out. The tag line in Israel is ‘Pure Happiness’


Cuatro G’S Mosto Verde Acholado Pisco is a premium Mosto Verdo Style of Pisco that is made from a wine that has not been fully fermented. This Pisco has an intense fresh fruit flavour. It is a blend of aromatic (Italia and Albilla) and non-aromatic (Quebranta) grapes and it is a great starting point for those wanting to try a Mosto Verde Style of Pisco. For more information, you can contact Josie at The Pisco People


  • 30mls Mosto Verde Acholado Pisco
  • 30mls Tubi 60
  • 30mls Lemon Juice
  • Maura Honey to taste
  • 30mls Aquafaba

Place all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake vigorously for one minute. Double strain into your favourite cocktail glass and wait for the foam to settle before garnishing.

Glass is rimmed with homemade smoked maple, roasted chilli and Black Sea salt

I just love the strong and intense flavour of this very bold cocktail!


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