Margarita Entertaining

MARGARITA ENTERTAINING can be expensive and time consuming! Here are a few tips for creating delicious cost-effective margaritas that will go a long way!

▪️To make a jug of margaritas, get your recipe right in the first instance by mixing up a classic margarita with 45mls tequila, 15mls triple sec and 45mls freshly squeezed lemon juice. Add between 50-100mls of Lemon soda (to taste). When you have created your desired flavour, simple multiply the recipe by the number of guests you are having!

▪️Triple Sec is generally the cheapest Orange Liqueur

▪️Don’t put ice in the serving jug, it will water down the margarita! Serve the margaritas with ice in the glasses and use a simple garnish (I used mint)

▪️Use a mid-range silver tequila when making large batches (unless of course you can afford the premium tequila😉)

▪️If you want to prepare the margaritas a little head of time, mix up the tequila, triple sec and lemon juice and Store In the refrigerator. Add the soda as your guests arrive.

▪️Shop for interesting and exotic glassware at op shops (thrift). It’s inexpensive, they look fabulous and it doesn’t matter if they get broken!


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