Bloody Caesar with a twist of Maryland

SUNDAY BRUNCH: Bloody Caesar with a twist of Maryland

A Caesar is a variation on a traditional bloody because you use @clamato * instead of tomato juice. The Caesar was created in 1969 by Walter Chell in Calgary, Alberta Canada (thanks to @karenvanvloten for this info)

I also had a suggestion from @a_house_a_la_carte to use @oldbay_seasoning ** … it is apparently unheard of in Maryland not to use it in a Bloody

Well I can tell you these fan suggestions are just incredible. This is ‘bloody’ Gold and it so simple to create. What an absolute winner!
▪️ @clamato juice
▪️ Freshly squeezed lime juice
▪️ @oldbay_seasoning
▪️ Reposado Tequila.

Garnish is frozen cucumber slices, chopped tomato, continental parsley and ground black pepper. Old Bay Glass Rim.


* I purchased Clamato at @usafoods .
** I purchased Old Bay online through Chile Mojo in Adelaide


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