Bloody Mary Tiki Style

The Perfect Bloody Mary Mix …Yesterday I asked for some advice on creating the perfect mix and I was overwhelmed with all of your responses…thanks a million everyone! I got some amazing ideas….Here is what I used for my first mix:

▪️Tomato Juice
▪️ Lime Juice
▪️ @cholulahotsauce .
▪️ Worcestershire sauce
▪️ Celery Salt
▪️ Cracked Pepper
▪️ Horseradish.
▪️ Garnish with Celery stick, stuffed olives and @alwaysfreshau sun-dried tomatoes
▪️ Tiki Glass Rim is @masterfoods celery salt

If you would like the full recipe details, please send me a message!

I mixed mine with 60mls Vida Mezcal. You could also use tequila, gin or vodka



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