Kiwi Fruit Margarita

Fabulous Friday: I have mixed up something very simple and delicious just in time for a weekend of warmer temps and sunshine. Please enjoy my Kiwi Fruit Margarita.

50mls @patron blanco
25mls triple sec
45mls of freshly squeezed lime juice
Pulp of one kiwi fruit
Barspoon of homemade mint syrup

How to: For this I placed all ingredients in a blender and mixed on a low-medium speed as not to crush the seeds. Strain into a cocktail glass that has been rimmed with @thesaltboxau Hawaiian black Salt. Garnish with fresh kiwi slices and pomegranate

Result: the mint syrup really takes off some of the tartness of the kiwi and lime but it still has a great kick. Salud!



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