Mezcal Real Minero Espadin

I was so excited to be contacted by @ali_j_moini who recently picked up a bottle of Mezcal Real Minero Espadin. He wanted to gift it to someone that would truly appreciate it and I was the incredibly lucky recipient! As I do with all new Mezcal and tequilas I try, I start with a classic margarita.


45mls mezcalrealminero Mezcal Real Minero Espadin
15mls @grandmarnierusa
35mls freshly squeezed lemon juice.
@tajinmx_oficial Rim and lemon thyme garnish

Result: Mezcal Heaven. I am truly so grateful for this one 🙌🏼

About Mezcal Real Minero:
▪️Joven 100% agave 30 varieties of wild growing & cultivated magueys
▪️Cooked in earth ovens, fermented in wooden bars & Double distilled in clay pots
▪️Angeles Carreno Family
▪️Bottle number 888/2267
▪️Harvest 2008
▪️Master Distiller Don Lorenzo Angeles Mendoza
▪️45.9% Alcohol
Thanks to @jess_noonan from @theskinboutiqueelwood for arranging the delivery


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