Burnt Pineapple Margarita

Sometimes cocktails are beautiful…not in looks, not how they present, just in how they taste. This is certainly the case with my Burnt Pineapple Cocktail.

15mls cinnamon infused tequila (I used @espolontequila)
15mls @_havanaclub white Rum
15mls @delmagueymezcal Vida
35 grams burnt pineapple
45mls freshly squeezed lime juice

How to: Char pineapple in a fry pan with coconut oil. Allow to cool. Place all ingredients in a blender with ice and whiz on high speed until combined. Double strain into your favourite cocktail glass.

Result: it may not be pretty but that won’t matter when you try your first sip.

This recipe was inspired by Greta Harper from Pirata Rum Bar (Pittsburgh) @pirata_overboard recipe recently published on @tales_of_the_cocktail


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