Chilli Mango Ginger Margarita

Every journey begins with a single step…today is day 3 of my Skinny Margarita challenge. This low alcohol Chilli Mango Ginger Margarita is not only delicious, it will get you excited about being healthy

30mls @bruxomezcal no2
30mls freshly squeezed lemon juice
50 grams frozen mango
120mls ginger & lemon tea from @aldiaustralia
I mixed all the ingredients together along with some ice in @thermomixaus for 1 minute on speed 9. Rim your favourite cocktail glass with Homemade chilli and pink Murray river salt.

Result: Mango Magic! This is a beauty!!!!!

Nutritional information:
I am not a nutritionist or dietician- I have calculated these results based on research:

⏺Mezcal 30mls 69 calories 0 carbs
⏺Lemon juice 30mls 8 calories 2.6 grams carbohydrate
⏺ Frozen Mango 50 grams 33 Calories 7.5 grams carbohydrates

⏺ Ginger & Lemon tea 0 calories 0 carbohydrates

TOTAL: 109 Calories 10.1 grams carbohydrates .

For the month of August, I am featuring some ‘healthy Margarita ideas. If you have any gut busting ideas to help me on this journey, I would love to hear from you. Tag me in your posts or send message


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