Side Car

Everything old is new again…I am very excited to be a part of the cocktail event #cocktailredux created by Steve @boxesandbooze . The event is open to all and runs from 23rd-25th June and it is all about recreating and ‘modernising’ the classic cocktails. Please enjoy my spin on the classic ‘Side Car’
15mls Brandy
15mls Blanco Tequila
30mls @cointreau_officiel
30mls lemon juice

Result: The Sidecar has often been referred to as the unlikely cousin to the Margarita. This cocktail falls into the same Sour family as my favourite classic Margarita. I will no longer be just using brandy to drench my Christmas pudding.

Big thanks also to Mike @mmydrinks for helping to organise this amazing event.

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