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I am so Excited to be collaborating with

This is the amazing story on Instagram:

We are so happy to present our next collaboration!
For the following 7 days, we will introduce you to @the_margarita_mum and her awesome creations 🙂

All pictures and recipes are created by her, check out the first one below!

“My name is Rhonda and I am not your ‘stereotypical’ mixologist or bartender. I am a busy full-time working mother with 2 young daughters, a husband, and 3 step-sons.
I started The Margarita Mum just over a year ago, quite simply because I love margaritas and wanted to share this. I created The Margarita Mum Facebook and Instagram to showcase my Margarita journey. It wasn’t long before I began creating my own Margarita recipes, and eventually Tequila- and Mezcal-based cocktails. Things evolved quickly.
The journey has just been incredible so far, and I am blown away every day by the way the cocktail community has embraced ‘The Margarita Mum’. I really want to help bring Tequila and Mezcal ‘back into fashion’, particularly in Australia.

The Margarita Mum brings me so much joy and happiness, and I believe the possibilities are endless. Things are only just beginning, but I am already inspired to take this as far as I can. What’s the saying about doing something you love and never working a day in your life?

Well, this is something I want to work hard at, and I love it.”

Day 1

Grapefruit and Lime Margaritas


3 parts Sesion Tequila Blanco.
1 part Cointreau
2 parts freshly squeezed lime juice.
4 parts Capi Sparkling grapefruit.
Result: A fabulous slight variation on a classic margarita!


Day 2

150mls of Reposado @tequila_blu (infused with Jalapeño for 48 hours)
60mls Strawberry Liqueur
150mls of freshly squeezed lime juice
Fruit of one large dragonfruit.
How to:
Remove fruit from the skin and place in @thermomixaus for 8 seconds, speed 4. Pour fruit into a cocktail shaker and add the remaining ingredients and some ice. Shake vigorously until mixed.


Day 3

Dillicious Kumquat’ Sunday afternoon Margaritas.

90mls fennel and dill infused tequila *
30mls @cointreau_officiel blood orange
30mls freshly squeezed kumquat juice
60mls freshly squeezed orange juice

Result: Sweet yet tangy, a great combination of flavours!

* I infused some fennel and dill in 200mls reposado tequila for one week


Day 4

Bell Pepper (Capsicum) Mezcal Margaritas.

90mls @bruxomezcal No 2 Mezcal
30mls @solerno_bloodorange
90mls freshly squeezed lemon juice
15mls Bell Pepper and Jalapeño (capsicum) syrup*

Result: the Smokiness of the Mezcal pairs perfectly with the sweetness and bite of the syrup.


Day 5 

My cousin is visiting us in Melbourne tonight…..many years ago he had a bad university experience with tequila so he is skeptical about trying one of my margaritas… and he likes beer. So, I have mixed him up a Beer Margarita with a local Melbourne Bayside craft beer.

60mls reposado tequila infused with smoked Chilli honey*
120mls @wolfofthewillows Indian Saison Ale**
60mls freshly squeezed lime juice
Chilli Salt Rim from @gewurzhaus

Result: Bayside Brilliance.

* I infused 1/3 cup of @granluchito Smoked Chilli Honey in 200mls reposado tequila for 4 days
** This Ale has Mango, lychee and mild spice flavours and I purchased it at @danmurphys


Day 6

In case you are going to the movies this weekend, we have a secret pre-drinks recipe for you guys, brought to you by @the_margarita_mum! Find more info about her awesome feed below 🙂

3 parts @grancentenariotequila Anejo 
2 parts @cointreau_officiel
3 parts freshly squeezed lime juice

Popcorn pounded in mortar and pestle with @lachinatasmokedpaprika . .

Rim the glass with agave syrup and roll the glass into the popcorn mixture
Jalapeños to taste


Day 7

We are so sad to announce that our 7-days collaboration with @the_margarita_mum ends with this final recipe… Give her a follow to keep up to date with the best margarita recipes of Instagram.

If you wanna team up with us too, drop as a PM – we are happy to hear from you!
We wish all of you guys an awesome Sunday!


3 parts @patron silver.
2 parts @bickfords pomegranate juice.
1 part Lemon juice.
4 parts sparkling apple cider.
Dash of @angosturahouse bitters.


If you would like to work with The Margarita Mum, drop me line:


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