Mango Cayenne Margarita

MARGARITA MUM CHALLENGE: ‘Mango Cayenne Margarita’ One of my Insta buddies @maxymixalot mixed up a fabulous mocktail (Mango surprise) that she suggested would also taste great with tequila. So I accepted the challenge:

My Recipe:
60mls @sesiontequila Blanco
30mls @domainedecanton (French Ginger Liqueur).
60mls freshly squeezed lime juice.
1 cup frozen mango
Pinch of cayenne pepper

How to: Mix all the above ingredients in a blender until combined.

Glass Rim: Rub the top of the glass with Manuka honey and roll the glass gently in more cayenne pepper.

Result: I will very gracefully accept more challenges from Maxy as this is just delicious!!!!

If you have a challenge for me, please tag me or send me a message with your greatest suggestion!

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