Prickly Jalapeño Margarita

Today I found prickly pears at the Footscray markets so I thought I would make a ridiculously vibrant (and particularly) tasty ‘Prickly Jalapeño Margarita’:90mls @espolontequila Blanco Tequila infused with Jalapeño

60mls Triple Sec

90mls freshly squeezed lime juice

Pulp of one prickly pear

90mls Sioux City prickly pear Soda

Fine pink Himalayan salt rim and jalapeño to Garnish.

How to:

Cut the prickly pear in half and remove the pulp from the skin (wear gloves! I have a hundred cactus prickles in my hand right now). I placed the tequila, prickly pulp, triple sec and lime juice in @thermomixaus for 1 minute speed 9. Strain mixture into a pitcher and add the prickly pear Soda and mix together.

Result: Fresh, Crisp and very vibrant! The Jalapeño gives this an amazing kick.

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