Spreading the Margarita Love

The Margarita Mum love is spreading near and far!

I was contacted by margarita Fan Brett yesterday. He works at #liquorland in Fletcher (Newcastle NSW).

He saw 2 ladies in the tequila section discussing which one to buy. He then heard the ladies say “we better get this one @espolontequila because I have seen The Margarita Mum use this one” !!!!

Thank-you Brett for sharing this story – This margarita recipe goes out to Brett and the lovely 2 ladies at liquorland!

Pina Colada Margarita:

1 cup @espolontequila .

1/2 cup triple sec.

1/2 cup lime juice.

1.5 cups of frozen pineapple.

10 large mint leaves.

1 cup @vitasoy_aus_nz unsweetened coconut milk.

Lipstick kiss by @splash_alchemy (Red Wine) www.splashalchemy.com.au

Result: Margarita Heaven!

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