The launch of the Margarita Mum

Why did I start The Margarita Mum?

Simple! I love margaritas! All my friends and family were innately aware of this. They all started posting pictures of margaritas and Memes on my personal Facebook page. So I started thinking……I should set up something dedicated to margarita appreciation. After a few months of tossing around the idea, I started the margarita mum on 24 April 2016.

I launched it at my farewell dinner in South Perth, Western Australia. I thought it was only fitting as my favorite margaritas in Perth where at Coco’s. Initially, I started the journey on Facebook and then very quickly moved to Instagram also. This is when it really took off! I moved to Melbourne and this is where the journey really begin. I really mixed up margaritas when I was at home, rather I would save drinking them for when I when out. But then I started experimenting… And that’s when the fun begins…….

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